What type of database do you need?

The choice of database software is largely determined by the amount of data and the target audience.

MS Access logo

There's little point in having an Oracle database that can handle millions of records and thousands of concurrent users if you're the only user or have a few hundred records. Conversely, it would be a little unwise to try and run the Inland Revenue using a database created in Microsoft Access!

MySQL logo If you want a small, easily used, low-cost database, either for a single user or a limited networked environment then you will be hard pressed to do better than Microsoft Access. Access databases provide an interface that is familiar to users of Windows and the software is often bundled with the computer. In addition, Access can deal with many complex tasks that will satisfy most users of small databases. Access also makes a good front-end for more powerful database servers like SQL Server or Oracle, giving the benefits of maximum security and ease of use.

SQL Server logo If you need high security or the potential to deal with many simultaneous users, for example if you are providing data access via the web, you should be considering MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or similar high-end database servers.

Oracle logoSunadal Data Solutions can advise on the right software choice and build a system that is tailored to your needs.